Supporting young people through high school and beyond

What is the Resource? National College Attainment Network (NCAN) is a national member organization dedicated to the vision of all students having an equitable opportunity to achieve social and economic mobility through higher education. NCAN has created resources specifically aimed at K-12 districts to improve the quality and quantity of support that underrepresented students receive to apply to, enter, and succeed in postsecondary education. 

Why This Matters: The quality of K-12 education systems is a big factor in how young people are able to pursue their educational and employment interests after high school graduation. However, transitions from K-12 systems to post-secondary options like college or vocational training are more perilous for Black and Latino young people and young people experiencing poverty. Through NCAN’s resources for K-12 districts, you can find additional resources on advising, better data on where your students matriculate, or examples of other districts’ success.

What’s Inside: You can browse the main landing page for K-12 resources, or check out a specific tool or brief, below.

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