Painting of a woman's face done by LaDasia Bryant
Artwork: LaDasia Bryant

A world where young people’s voices, perspectives, and experiences are centered in ongoing efforts to support their career and life goals

Equitable Futures aim to create opportunities for young people to pursue their life goals that are both equitable and reflect the diversity of pathways young people can take to achieve their goals.

Funny, outgoing, loud, honest, strong-willed, love, scary, life, family, serious, boss, fashionista, positive, friendly, Leo, tired, gamer, and nerd. All at one time.

New York, NY, Black male, 15-22, lower income

For Black and Latino young people, and for young people experiencing poverty, systemic barriers present greater challenges to their pursuit and exploration of different career pathways.

Pathways and systems for young people need to be thoughtfully re-designed to reflect the voices and experiences of young people and meet their needs.
Artwork: LaDasia Bryant
Artwork by LaDasia Bryant

Young people’s identities and voices matter. This is the guiding principle of Equitable Futures.

As we support young people to achieve their career and life goals, we can design education and career systems around their voices, perspectives, and experiences.

Guiding Principles For Building Equitable Futures

Artwork: Brenda Rivera

Building supportive relationships for young people to access and explore career pathways

Photograph: Ava Victoriano

Re-shaping education to career pathways to be more equitable and youth-centered

Artwork: Daniel Patrick

Using language to connect to young people and to drive narrative change across systems

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