Our Advisory Team

Equitable Futures is partnering with experts across the country who are working in Black, Latino, and low-income communities to prepare young people for the futures ahead of them. Our advisory team includes educators, scholars, researchers, and program leaders who work directly with youth or conduct research that can provide insight into youth experiences. Each advisor brings their particular expertise to bear to help move this initiative forward in order to not only amplify young people’s voices, identify key insights, and guide future actions for the initiative, but also to bring about systemic change that improves young people’s lives and career choices.

Below is our team of advisors, all of whom are committed to understanding the narratives and challenges surrounding work and career. Aligned with Equitable Futures, our advisors seek to open doors for inclusivity, empowerment, and opportunity so that Black, Latino, and low-income young people can enable their career hopes and dreams and improve access to the career of their choosing.

Romero Brown
Romero Brown Consulting

Nathan Cadena
Denver Scholarship Foundation

Mary Gatta
CUNY/Ethnographies of Work

Noel Ginsburg
CareerWise Colorado

Michael Lee
Destiny Arts

Jane Margolis
UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies

Nancy Santiago Negrón
Civic Nation

Brandon Nicholson
Hidden Genius Project

Andrea O’Neal
Management Leadership for Tomorrow

Roz Pierson
Luminas LLC

Melissa Risteff

Ayele Shakur